Perceiving Perfection

The media's ability to dictate the perfect body image has increased since the invention of the television. Perfection, however, is constantly evolving. With each passing decade, the changing perception of beauty (always depicted by the media), has been readily embraced by societyŚwomen in particular. The media's heaviest impact on females lies in its ability to push them towards physical perfection. This idea of perfection has been portrayed differently since 1950. From Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, to Janice Dickinson (the first supermodel) and Brooke Shields, and finally to Britney Spears and Halle Berry, the diverse body images of American women have provided a shifting portrait of beauty. Popular celebrities and television shows have set precedents of flawlessness to which the public attempts to imitate. These attempts include curlers, clothing and most drastically, cosmetic surgery. As we trace these progressions through time, notice the rise and fall of makeup, the increasing interest in plastic surgery, the decrease in age (but rise in sexuality) of celebrities, and the slimming of a nation.


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