Smells like JEAN Spirit

Throughout the 1990's, Blue Jeans served as a vehicle for American History. With the emergence of the grunge and hip-hop cultures, the way individuals wore their denim changed to embody their values and style. Also, with the prospering American economy throughout the decade, many different designers began producing their own lines of jeans. With large logos and brand names everywhere, jeans showed the effect mass media and material focus on the American public. In addition, Blue Jeans symbolized the Americanization and globalization of American culture on other countries as far away as China, India, and the Middle-East. Jeans changed a lot in the 1990's and so did their effect on, not only America, but the rest of the world.

Style and Fashion in the 1990s can be characterized by the hip hop style better known as the "baggy jeans phenomena". Some believe that this style was originated by prisoners, while others believe that it was originated by skaters and snowboarders. Although there are different theories to the "baggy jeans phenomena", the style impacted the youth of the 1990s. Teenagers have not only set a fashion statement, but also, they have set a social statement by wearing "baggy jeans". Baggy Jeans symbolizes the youth's refusal to accept adult standards of acceptable dress codes.

How jeans have moved into pop culture through rap music: In Those Jeans Lyrics by Ginuwine (excerpt)
I wanna say that them jeans,
Lookin good fittin right,
Baby Damn those jeans,
Any kind doesn't matter,
You Can wear them you look fine,
Baby Damn those jeans,
Any time that I see you,
I want in, you wear 'em well,
Baby Damn those jeans,
You the shit, you the bomb,
All I wanna know is can I have,
Whats in those jeans, (can I get in those)

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